How to start a bullet journal

How to start a bullet journal for cheap!

If you’re an avid Pinterest user like me then I’m sure you’ve come across a bullet journal somewhere, I know I sure have. Bullet journals are a lot of fun and a great calming activity to do too! Now you’re probably wondering ‘Maia, what the heck is a bullet journal?!’. Well, a bullet journal, also known as a bujo, is like a giant todo list and planner combined. Yes, yes, I can hear you groaning at the sound of ‘to do list’ but really it is a really good way to stay organised. So let me teach you how to get started ~

Buying a journal

To use a bullet journal you don’t need a fancy, expensive moleskin. In fact, my first bullet journal was an old notebook from a dollar store. But if you like the fancy journal look and feel but don’t wanna pay so much for one then I would highly recommend typo. I got a really nice one there for about $15-$20 (au price) you can buy it here. Amazon also has some really great ones here, here and here.


Now once again, you don’t need the most fanciest pens ever but I would recommend getting one that flows nicely along the page. Along with basic pens, other things you may consider could be gel pens, texters, stickers, ribbon, a ruler and even paint. This pen from eBay worked really nicely for me.

What do I put in it?

It’s completely up to you what you put in it. Personally, I would start with an index and calendar and then start mapping out each week. It can be hard to explain by typing so here is a great article/link about mapping out your weeks. In my bullet journal I like to track things such as songs to learn, how much water I drank, books I’ve read and so on. How could I forget the best thing about bullet journals!? Doodles. Seriously, little doodles and drawings in your bullet journal can really make it look so cute and happy. Check out my Pinterest board for doodles here.


You now know everything there is to a bullet journal! Now get out there and start organising your life. Trust me, bullet journals are awesome and even better, it’s all your creativity put into a planner instead of a boring, plain old one. Have fun with your new bullet journal 🙂


  • I started a bullet journal in 2016 and it is such a game changer! I love that it’s such a personal thing and that you don’t have to follow an outline that’s already been created for you!

    These are great tips for people looking to get into it.

    Curly and Wordy

    • maiamoo43

      Yes! Bullet journals are so nice 🙂 Thanks for reading!